Sunday, June 26, 2011

Son Getting Married

I got good news a few weeks ago and it's that my middle son got engaged to his girlfriend from New York. The wedding will be next year but ever since the news I haven't thought of anything else but the wedding. I can't really concentrate on quilting or jewelry making now. I'm very happy for both of them and for me because I finally get to have another girl in the family. I have a feeling the next 11 months will go by very fast.
 The latest update on my Chiquita is that she is still holding on one month after getting her diagnosis. She is losing weight but her appetite is still very good. She still barks at strangers and still defends her cat Cotton. Cotton is our two year old cat whom she bonded with as soon as she saw him when he was just a tiny 5 week old kitten. She will go after anybody who she feels is threatening him. It's very cute to watch. I'm just loving her to bits and lightly rubbing her tummy every night. That's something she loves and helps to totally relax her. I will keep you posted on her health and the wedding plans.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Little Bird Necklace

Ever since my little Chiquita has been sick I have been really up and when I do go out I feel guilty leaving her behind. I'm happy some days and then Im crying when I see her and know her end is coming soon. My very sweet hubby surprised me with this very nice bird necklace. He was trying to cheer me up. Well it did. It's a very cheerful bird necklace.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Getting Hot In Texas

Man, is it getting hot in the Texas East Gulf Coast! We haven't had any rain so it looks very dry which we rarely see here. We usually have lot's of rain and everything is always very lush and green, but not this year. My husband ended up putting in an irrigation system for the roses and other plants we have around the house. I pray for rain!
My little Chiquita is still losing weight but still has a very good appetite. She is not moving as fast as she use to and it breaks my hearts seeing that. But she still has her doberman attitude. I'm giving her lot's of love and kisses which makes her very happy. The only problem is her sister is getting jealous. She actually turned her face at me the other day. When I'm loving on Chiquita, Minnie runs and gets right in front of her. Just like human kids.Aye, Aye, Aye!
I haven't even been inside my work room because as soon as I open the door I feel the heat in the room so I just shut the door closed again. I think I'm getting my Sunbonnet Sue applique blocks out to work on them tomorrow. Maybe I can finish them this summer.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Taking My Chi To The Vet

I took my Chi to the Vet this morning because she has gotten bloated. She still eats normal, plays normal and poops and pees normal. She is 9 years old and I know that's many years for a pooch but I'm trying not to think the worst. Well, we got to the Vet's parking lot at 8 this morning and it was packed and a long line of people with their pets waiting outside the building door. I didn't want her to get too upset and nervous so we just turned right back and came home. That's the second time that happens because I also took her on Friday and the Vet was doing a long surgery and wasn't taking anymore patients. Of course they said, "If it's an emergency take her to the animal hospital." I'm going back at 10, 30 minutes from now. Anyway, my Chiquita loves being in the van with me strapped in the little doggy car seat. The seat can be set high enough for her to look outside so she loves looking at the other cars, and when we stop at a light next to other cars she does her barking thing. Her sister Minnie has to stay home by herself and she hates it. I hate leaving a crying pup behind. Just like kids I tell ya. I'll give you and update on Chiquita later.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


This rose is huge! The scent is very sweet.

Bad Case Of Spring Fever

Have had a bad case of Spring Fever. Visited MAAS , my favorite nursery. It smells heavenly in that rose section.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tennis Elbow So No Quiting

 I haven't posted because I haven't been quilting due to very bad tennis elbow. But since I can't keep my hands still for long I tried jewelry making and I liked it. I have done a couple of things since I can't do a lot for a long period of time due to the pain in my forearm and elbow.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Getting Tooth Pulled

I went through the holidays chewing only on one side which I had been doing for about a month . Yes, I know it's crazy but I really do have a fear of dentist. It's a fear that developed about 12 years ago when I was getting a root canal and the dentist accidentally cut my tongue  and had to give me three stitches. Well, I had a filling put in back when I was in junior high and a tiny piece of it broke off which left the roots exposed to any air that went through a straw. You know what that means. PAIN! I went to the dentist and she told me I would eventually lose the tooth so I decided to just have her pull it with a local pain killer. Big mistake! The minute I smelled the dentist office medicine smell I knew I was in trouble. I became a bundle of nerves and I could feel my blood pressure going up. I told the Dr. I didn't want to feel a thing so to inject as much pain killer as possible.  I thought I was doing great when I felt the whole right side of my face go numb so the Dr. starts pulling and pulling and yanking and the molar wouldn't budge. Every time she asked if it hurt I said it did hurt  so she injected me with medicine three more times. She had to yank and pull and change instruments for about 15 minutes for the tooth to come out. She also had to give me two stitches. She said I had very strong bone and wide roots. I wish I had been totally put under for that extraction. I left the office with  the whole right side of my head very numb and when that wore off the pain in my jaw lasted a week and a half. The last time I had an extraction was when I had my Wisdoms pulled and that was a piece of cake. Having the I V sedation was AWESOME!  I woke up and it was all over. At least I am no longer having severe pain I was comparing to labor and I am able to use a straw with my tea again.

Monday, January 03, 2011

Good Holiday Memories

 The holidays are over and I'm left with a full heart and a smile on my face. My three sons and a girlfriend were home for Christmas, and what a Christmas it was. Lot's of laughter, food, great conversations, and great movies.
I am left with a lot of motivation to finish many UFO's. One of them is to start another Christmas quilt as soon as possible. I was very pleased with the first machine quilted quilt I made in the beginning of December. I knew that if I was to finish a Christmas quilt I had to do something very simple, which actually turned out very nice. Now, that I know I can machine quilt I'm pretty sure I can finish many of my UFO's.  I still can't believe it took me so long to try machine quilting. I will still hand quilt but only the quilts I give to very special people who will appreciate my work.