Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Woohoo! Finished Dick and Jane Quilt

I am so glad to be done with this little quilt. I am so looking forward to starting on another quilting project. I have plenty to choose from that's for sure. I'm very happy with how it turned out especially the quilting. I quilted circles all around the blue polka dot border and it turned out pretty good. I always sew the binding on the right side and then turn it over to the backing side and hand sew it. I never catch the right side fabric and it always looks very neat with stitches that are almost invisible. When I started this quilt I thought it would be a girl quilt but nah it definitely looks like a boy quilt. I still need to wash it to remove the markings and hopefully they will all come out. I can honestly say I didn't like quilting circles. I actually hated it but it was well worth the trouble because they look really cool. I would definitely make another quilt like this but in a cowgirl theme. I know a 7 year old girl who loves everything western. I guess I just chose my next project.

Monday, March 15, 2010

My Handsome Boy Cotton

 My 8 month old kitten, Cotton, keeps following me around all day, and every time I'm at the computer he gets on the guest bed and waits for me. He was being silly and  purring like crazy when I decided to take some pictures of him. He has the biggest personality and he is just so lovable. In the eight months that I've had him I have come to love him so much. I fell in love with him on day one and the cat honeymoon is still going strong. LOL! I hadn't had a cat in over 12 years.Not since  my beloved female cat Sonia, died. I'm trying not to let him in my sewing room because of all the cat hair but I think eventually he'll get his way. He is just such a good cat. I give him a bath and cut his nails and brush him with no problem. I didn't think I would love another cat again.Is till love my Chi, Minnie and she will be my #1 pet but she really doesn't like to be hugged and she doesn't follow me like Cotton. My husband says it's because Minnie is my boss and I'm Cotton's mama and that makes a big difference.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Friday was a very good day for me. The first thing I did was go to church which I hadn't done in a long time.  I felt really so much better after wards I felt almost lighter. Maybe I came out of church with a clean slate. HEHEHE. I then went to my LQS just to kill time  and went into the back room of the store where they have all there discounts and discontinued items. I started going through a basket with lot's of sewing machine feet and to my shock I found a lot of feet for my Brother PQ1500 which I use for quilting. I was able to buy $100 worth of feet for $40. The thing about my machine is that I bought in on line two years ago for $400  and you know those machines are $1200. Well the only feet the machine had when I got it was the regular and 1/4 inch feet which was ok with me because the machine was really still brand new and sews perfect.
I couldn't believe my luck.  I then went over to JOAnn's fabric store and saw all the quilt books at %40 off. I couldn't pass up that deal so I got  the books in the picture.  I then got a %40 off coupon on line for the Angelology book I've been waiting for so I went to Barnes & Noble last night and got it. I should have bought a lottery ticket but I forgot. Dang it!

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Quilting Tutorial Video #4

First of all I didn't bother with punctuation so all you teachers brace yourselves.
I have finally finished quilting the Dick and Jane baby quilt and I am so relieved. I am not totally finished though because I am hand sewing the binding once I am sewing on the binding I know it's only a matter of hours before it's totally finished. I just added a 4th video telling you about how I quilted it and about how I add my binding. It's on the left side of my blog under Esteemarlu's Quilting. I hope you will understand and if you don't please don't hesitate to tell me or ask me anything. I have never taken so long in finishing a baby quilt and if it hadn't been for all the sciatica pain I would've finished up that baby  in no time but sometimes life throws you surprises you don't expect while you're in the middle of a project.  In my case it was that darn pain :( I climbed two flights of stairs and that did it. I was in agony for pain for months. When I'm done with the binding I will post a picture. I will be organizing my sewing room  because it has gotten cluttered again and things need rearranging so I can be calm when I'm working on something. When I start on another project I will remove the Dick and Jane quilt video's and post new video of the new project