Saturday, March 13, 2010


Friday was a very good day for me. The first thing I did was go to church which I hadn't done in a long time.  I felt really so much better after wards I felt almost lighter. Maybe I came out of church with a clean slate. HEHEHE. I then went to my LQS just to kill time  and went into the back room of the store where they have all there discounts and discontinued items. I started going through a basket with lot's of sewing machine feet and to my shock I found a lot of feet for my Brother PQ1500 which I use for quilting. I was able to buy $100 worth of feet for $40. The thing about my machine is that I bought in on line two years ago for $400  and you know those machines are $1200. Well the only feet the machine had when I got it was the regular and 1/4 inch feet which was ok with me because the machine was really still brand new and sews perfect.
I couldn't believe my luck.  I then went over to JOAnn's fabric store and saw all the quilt books at %40 off. I couldn't pass up that deal so I got  the books in the picture.  I then got a %40 off coupon on line for the Angelology book I've been waiting for so I went to Barnes & Noble last night and got it. I should have bought a lottery ticket but I forgot. Dang it!

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