Tuesday, August 21, 2007

No Dean For Texas

Now that it looks like Dean has gone somewhere else I can relax and start putting things away after packing some stuff just in case. After being through hurrican Beulah as a kid and being part of the Houston evacuation due to Rita three years ago I panic and start packing every time there's a hurricane in the Texas Gulf Coast. I have left my pictures and important things in containers ready for me to just pick up and go. My husband left for New York on Thursday to take a class with his company and just the thought of him not being with us during a hurricane was making me very nervous. He was doing everything he could think of before he left. He bought new tires for the van, he borded up some windows and he got his stuff in order for his job. My son Chris had just come in from New York and he was the one who would be driving us out of Houston in case we left and he didn't want to go through the traffic craziness. Now Dean has gone to Mexico and feel bad for the people that will lose everything but am relieved for the people in Texas, especially after all the rain we have already gotten. We have had a flooded back yard for weeks and when my husband and I went to get Chris from the airport we couldn't get there because the streets were flooded and the traffic line trying to get to the airport was super long and not moving. We just came back home and went back later after the water receded. I haven't done any piecing nor quilting. I will instead spend my free time with my son Chris while he's home.