Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Pressure Is On

I have to first say that I had some comments I hadn't posted and I apologize if yours was one of them. I had been reading them but not approving them. I know that was stupid of me. Sorry! I have been feeling better from my sciatic pain so I will be starting a quillow today for Sonia.By the way this is Sonia with her mom, my niece.

I made quillows for the older brothers when they were younger but I have yet to make one for her. I figured a quillow is fast so I'll be able to finish it by Christmas. I'm getting so excited because my middle son who lives in NY is coming home for Christmas and he's staying for a week but I'm sad to because I won't get to see my oldest who lives in Los Angeles because he's busy making paintings for events. I have so much to do and don't feel like doing it. I have been going to sleep at 3 a.m and getting up at 10 a.m. Not good! I can't help it I'm turning into a night owl and get all my energy at 10 p.m. My poor husband is an early bird, gets up at 5:30 even on weekends and by 7 p.m he crashes. Last night at 2 a.m I was walking the long hallway of my house like a fool hoping I would get tired and sleepy. It's crazy.