Saturday, November 28, 2009

Honest Scrap Award, Thank You Gloria

Thank you Gloria for giving me this award. I am now suppose to list ten honest things about myself. Here we go. 1. I am a very honest person sometimes to honest. 2. I hate it when people smack their gum. 3. I can't fake liking someone. 4. I didn't have my first pet until I was 26 years old and have had one ever since. 5. I can't swim. 6. I love to dance when no one is watching.LOL! 7. I'll try any kind of food at least once. 8.I'm terrified of lizards but not spiders. 9.I'm a true romantic. 10. I just realized I'm pretty boring.

Cotton & Oreo

These are the latest pictures of Cotton and Oreo. I was lucky enough to have my camera ready when Oreo decided to jump on my stack of books and magazines. I thought I'd give him a cute little wing since he is a good kitty. Oreo is just getting bigger and bigger and his hair just keeps growing and so does hi tail. I bought that piece of fabric at Joanne's and he really likes it. He also likes that little doll that's suppose to be for my Chihuahuas but not since Oreo took it to his bed. Yesterday Cotton and Oreo got into a little fight over a piece of paper. They were rough housing and one of them didn't like it and before I knew it I heard hissing. It didn't last long though because Chiquita barks at them when she thinks they're fighting. They are also beginning to just jump over my Chihuahuas if they happen to be in their way when they are running around. Minnie my #1 pet just stands still as if wondering what the heck was it that jumped over her. That is so funny and I hope to one day catch it on film. Hubby is building a cat condo for the cats right now and I can't wait for him to finish it so the cats can have a warm place for naps. I'm finishing up my baby quilt now that Thanksgiving is over and I'm giving myself one week to finish it. No if's or but's this time.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Book Store Adventure

Saturday, hubby and I went to, Murder By The Book, a mystery bookstore. They only stock mystery books which can be romance, espionage, historical, vintage, antique, vampires,kids, preteen, ect... The store has dark wooden shelves as you can see, and there are skulls, ravens, guns, old reading glasses, owls on books, Shakespeare busts, antique suitcases, old typewriters, and cozy leather chairs where customers can sit. You just want to curl up in one of the comfy leather chairs and read for hours. It has a very mysterious feel to it, and they carry mystery books you won't find in a big chain bookstore. They were going to have a signing but I didn't stick around. I might go back for the Sue Grafton, Sarah Graves, Susan Wittig Albert (I've met her) and Alexander McCall Smith signings since I have some of their books. I found a great medieval/renaissance book, The Book Of Unholy Mischief. The Book of Unholy Mischief is more than terrific historical drama; its a love story, an investigation into ancient religious secrets that haunt us today, and its a story of intrigue replete with pulse-pounding chase scenes, murderous assassins, torture chambers and conniving, desperate characters. It's beautifully written, authentically detailed, and fiendishly well plotted. Listeners will want their friends to read or listen to it so they can talk about it over dinner in their favorite Italian restaurant.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Kittens Are Growing

Here are pics of me, Oreo and Cotton. I'm crazy about my kittens but Cotton is my baby. He loves to be hugged and cuddled. He lets me hug him as much as I want and he takes it all in. Oreo is more independent and can do without hugs. It's funny how one can instantly bond with a little animal and that the bond can last a life time.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Pups In Halloween Costumes

Here are my girls on Halloween night. I wanted to take a picture of both of them together but they wouldn't sit still long enough. The little shirts say Creatures Of The Night and it glows in the dark. They looked so cute but those wigs were driving them crazy. The little shirts are like muscle shirts so they looked like little weight lifters showing off their muscles.LOL!