Saturday, November 28, 2009

Cotton & Oreo

These are the latest pictures of Cotton and Oreo. I was lucky enough to have my camera ready when Oreo decided to jump on my stack of books and magazines. I thought I'd give him a cute little wing since he is a good kitty. Oreo is just getting bigger and bigger and his hair just keeps growing and so does hi tail. I bought that piece of fabric at Joanne's and he really likes it. He also likes that little doll that's suppose to be for my Chihuahuas but not since Oreo took it to his bed. Yesterday Cotton and Oreo got into a little fight over a piece of paper. They were rough housing and one of them didn't like it and before I knew it I heard hissing. It didn't last long though because Chiquita barks at them when she thinks they're fighting. They are also beginning to just jump over my Chihuahuas if they happen to be in their way when they are running around. Minnie my #1 pet just stands still as if wondering what the heck was it that jumped over her. That is so funny and I hope to one day catch it on film. Hubby is building a cat condo for the cats right now and I can't wait for him to finish it so the cats can have a warm place for naps. I'm finishing up my baby quilt now that Thanksgiving is over and I'm giving myself one week to finish it. No if's or but's this time.

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