Sunday, November 15, 2009

Book Store Adventure

Saturday, hubby and I went to, Murder By The Book, a mystery bookstore. They only stock mystery books which can be romance, espionage, historical, vintage, antique, vampires,kids, preteen, ect... The store has dark wooden shelves as you can see, and there are skulls, ravens, guns, old reading glasses, owls on books, Shakespeare busts, antique suitcases, old typewriters, and cozy leather chairs where customers can sit. You just want to curl up in one of the comfy leather chairs and read for hours. It has a very mysterious feel to it, and they carry mystery books you won't find in a big chain bookstore. They were going to have a signing but I didn't stick around. I might go back for the Sue Grafton, Sarah Graves, Susan Wittig Albert (I've met her) and Alexander McCall Smith signings since I have some of their books. I found a great medieval/renaissance book, The Book Of Unholy Mischief. The Book of Unholy Mischief is more than terrific historical drama; its a love story, an investigation into ancient religious secrets that haunt us today, and its a story of intrigue replete with pulse-pounding chase scenes, murderous assassins, torture chambers and conniving, desperate characters. It's beautifully written, authentically detailed, and fiendishly well plotted. Listeners will want their friends to read or listen to it so they can talk about it over dinner in their favorite Italian restaurant.


glorv1 said...

That was a great video Estee. I enjoyed it much. Kind of like being there. The book really sounds interesting. I'll have to write the name down. I hope all is okay and chihuahua's are not floating again this year. hahaha. remember last year. :D lol. I love book stores too, the smell of old books is awesome. We have an old book store here called Yesterday's Books and I go in there from time to time. They also have couches and chairs to sit on. Talk to you later and have a great Sunday.

Mary said...

Just checkin in, love your blog! How are you??? Am reading "What She Wants" by Cathy Kelly, great book! Hugs, Mary

Linda_J said...

I don't seem to have your email addy, Esteemarlu, so I will comment here. I should check to see if you have any pictures of your Oreo kitty that looks like my Skyler! He almost got named the same of yours!

Also I posted that bread recipe on my blog if you want to go print it off. Thanks for stopping by my place.