Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Thank You Gloria

I have to thank my friend Gloria from Viva la Vida for giving me the One Lovely Blog Award. I know lot's of people don't like to display awards but I do it proudly. You made my day Gloria.

Almost Burned The House & Reached A Goal Today

Remember I mentioned my son was cutting the headliner for his car.Well, I got after him for not cleaning up the tiny specks of old spongy foam which were all over my cutting table. I told him to use the vacuum and to make sure he got everything. Well he plugs it in and turns it on and I hear this very weird sound like if there was something stuck inside the vacuum. It was still working so my son kept on using it then he very calmly tells me to go and look at what was happening so I go look and the vacuum is smoking really bad. I told him to run and unplug the darn thing which he did and ran outside with the thing. The smell and smoke were bad. I mean it stunk so bad I had to open all the windows. When hubby came home son told him I almost burned the house. Hubby then asks me, "Did you put a bag in it because it didn't have one? Did you check the bottom to make sure there was nothing stuck?" I said no and then wondered if he probably knew there was something wrong with it and didn't tell me which wouldn't be the first time. UGH!!! My reached goal was, no, I didn't lose weight, but I walked 4 1/2 miles on the treadmill today. LOL! I had been walking 30 to 40 minutes at a pretty fast speed but by the 30 minutes I was pretty much done and would usually just reach about 2 1/2 miles. Well, today, I walked at more comfortable pace but for 1 hour and was able to walk the 4 1/2 miles and burn more calories. I don't know why I hadn't done that before. I guess I thought that walking faster would burn more calories. I've been reading the book, STEP UP, which has some fantastic tips. I usually walk till night time sometimes at 11 p.m. I know it's crazy but I just get too hot during the day. We finally got some rain today and I'm so thankful. My plants and the foundation of the house got some much needed relief. It also kept the temperatures from reaching 100.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Update On Sister-In-Law

Boy, it has been a while since I've posted. Anyway, my SIL who had the stroke will be going home today. She has been in rehab for only two weeks and I don't think she's anywhere ready to go home but since she's on Medicare/Medicaid for her mental disability it's all the time they allow her in rehab. Can you believe?!?! Her sister, who will be caring for her has been told she has to make sure she walks her several times a day using the walker and belt because she has no balance, she shouldn't let her nap for more than one hour at a time, she has to eat pureed foods so her food won't go into her lungs, and she has to make her practice her speech because all she says is yes and no when she is asked something. She must be told what to do in order for her to do something. Sounds like the problem solving part of her brain was affected severly by the stroke. The 95 year old father who is on oxygen is feeling quilty thinking that my SIL helping him is what made her get the stroke. Doctors told him that wasn't true. Even though my SIL had the mental capacity of a 4 year old she would help her dad a lot. She would put on his socks, give him water, talk and argue with him, add sugar to his coffee,watch t.v together and laugh at their favorite shows.. My FIL really misses the daughter who was able to do that. They have a caregiver that is provided by the state but from what I saw the last time I paid a surprised visit I caught her napping on the couch. My other SIL who has been in the hospital staying with the stroke victim faces the decison of quiting her job to stay home and care for her sister but will than have finacial problems. My poor SIL has given up her life caring first for her mother, her mentally disabled sister since she was very young, and now both sister and dad. She has never married because of this. All four brothers went on to marry and have a life except for her and she is the youngest of the family. It's a very sad situation. Well enough said on this subject. I will appreciate any input from you that I can relate to my SIL.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Prayers Needed Sister-In-Law Had Major Stroke

I have two sisters-in-law, one is 51 and the other is 60, and they are both my husband's sisters. The 60 year old has been mentally challenged since the age of 4. She had a major stroke on Monday and I just don't know what to think of the decisions the doctors are making. After the first round of MRI's the doctors said she had bleeding and swelling in her brain and that she was in critical condition. The doctor said that even though she can move her arms and legs, respond and answer questions with a yes or no the patient may start to deteriorate with paralyzes and cardiac arrest. They did a swallowing test and I guess she passed it so she has been given purred food and water with Thick It so she won't get any liquid or food into her lungs. Doctors said that if liquids or food start going into the lungs she can develop pneumonia. On Thursday she developed a fever which comes and goes, then yesterday she was moved to a rehab hospital and was made to walk with the walker and do some exercises. Saturday she had a bad day with gagging, not eating much and shaking hands. I just find it hard to understand why she was moved out of the hospital so quickly if she is still considered critical. My 51 year old sister is under so much stress right now with having the 94 year old father who is oxygen dependent waiting at home worrying about what's going on. We live 350 miles away so my hubby flew over there to help out for the week. Luckily there are two brothers who live close by who will have to help. I just hope my stressed out SIL won't end up sick herself. AY AY AY!