Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Great Niece Emma



My sister sent me this picture of Emma, her first grandbaby, she isn’t even a month old and she’s already laughing. I think she’s so cute and I’m so glad to be a great aunt. I only wish I lived closer to my nephew and his wife. They live in Indiana and I live in TX :(  

   I’m the one who bought her first doll. I’m so proud of that.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Now I'm Freaking P O

Are you ready for this? Remember I said I was suppose to get the washer and dryer yesterday well the delivery guys were here and I was so excited. I already had a load of clothes to wash. Well when the guy opened up the box of the dryer we noticed a big ugly dent in the back of it. I couldn't believe it and I was ready to spit nails. I immediately got on the phone with Home Depot and told them. Hell, they couldn't believe what had happened either so now we have another delivery set up for Wednesday. I should get a free microwave or something for all this hassle. Maybe our old washer and dryer are doing some kind of something to stay home. HA! When I told my son what had happened all he could say was"'Call me back I'm not hearing you correctly." Hubby said "Hell at this point I'll take whatever color they have orange, green or purple." Cotton and Oreo are doing great after being neutered. There really are no stitches on the cut the vet made. The cut is about 1/2 inch and they are playing around like nothing happened and eating like crazy. Cotton was acting a little weird when I brought him home though. He kept putting his paw in the water bowl. Hubby thought he was high on the meds they gave him. It's so good to have my little boys back home.

Kitties Getting Snipped Today

Early this morning at 6:30 hubby and I went to drop off Cotton and Oreo at pet clinic to get neutered, finally. It was cold this morning so I put a blanket over their pet taxi's and they did very little crying this time. The nurse told us they wouldn't be getting any stitches since the cut would be very very small and that hey would recover in about one week. I didn't know this since all the pets we've had fixed have been females. Our two Chi's were crying when they saw me putting the cats in their taxi's because they know that means we're going on a trip. I hope Cotton and Oreo do alright over the weekend and I hope getting them fixed will avoid any of the in door spraying I've heard about. We are also suppose to be getting our washer and dryer today. Hopefully third time we be the charm since the order was messed up the first two times. I just want a washer and dryer that works already.I'm going to have a freaking fit if they don't come today!!! J.R my son from Los Angeles is coming home in four days and I am still trying to finish up a quilt before he gets home. I haven't put up my Christmas tree nor any outside lights yet. Well at least I've decorated my blog right. After going to bed at 2am and getting up at 5:30am I'm falling asleep as I write this so I think I'll take a 30 minute nap.