Monday, March 15, 2010

My Handsome Boy Cotton

 My 8 month old kitten, Cotton, keeps following me around all day, and every time I'm at the computer he gets on the guest bed and waits for me. He was being silly and  purring like crazy when I decided to take some pictures of him. He has the biggest personality and he is just so lovable. In the eight months that I've had him I have come to love him so much. I fell in love with him on day one and the cat honeymoon is still going strong. LOL! I hadn't had a cat in over 12 years.Not since  my beloved female cat Sonia, died. I'm trying not to let him in my sewing room because of all the cat hair but I think eventually he'll get his way. He is just such a good cat. I give him a bath and cut his nails and brush him with no problem. I didn't think I would love another cat again.Is till love my Chi, Minnie and she will be my #1 pet but she really doesn't like to be hugged and she doesn't follow me like Cotton. My husband says it's because Minnie is my boss and I'm Cotton's mama and that makes a big difference.

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