Thursday, June 02, 2011

Getting Hot In Texas

Man, is it getting hot in the Texas East Gulf Coast! We haven't had any rain so it looks very dry which we rarely see here. We usually have lot's of rain and everything is always very lush and green, but not this year. My husband ended up putting in an irrigation system for the roses and other plants we have around the house. I pray for rain!
My little Chiquita is still losing weight but still has a very good appetite. She is not moving as fast as she use to and it breaks my hearts seeing that. But she still has her doberman attitude. I'm giving her lot's of love and kisses which makes her very happy. The only problem is her sister is getting jealous. She actually turned her face at me the other day. When I'm loving on Chiquita, Minnie runs and gets right in front of her. Just like human kids.Aye, Aye, Aye!
I haven't even been inside my work room because as soon as I open the door I feel the heat in the room so I just shut the door closed again. I think I'm getting my Sunbonnet Sue applique blocks out to work on them tomorrow. Maybe I can finish them this summer.

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