Monday, May 16, 2011

Taking My Chi To The Vet

I took my Chi to the Vet this morning because she has gotten bloated. She still eats normal, plays normal and poops and pees normal. She is 9 years old and I know that's many years for a pooch but I'm trying not to think the worst. Well, we got to the Vet's parking lot at 8 this morning and it was packed and a long line of people with their pets waiting outside the building door. I didn't want her to get too upset and nervous so we just turned right back and came home. That's the second time that happens because I also took her on Friday and the Vet was doing a long surgery and wasn't taking anymore patients. Of course they said, "If it's an emergency take her to the animal hospital." I'm going back at 10, 30 minutes from now. Anyway, my Chiquita loves being in the van with me strapped in the little doggy car seat. The seat can be set high enough for her to look outside so she loves looking at the other cars, and when we stop at a light next to other cars she does her barking thing. Her sister Minnie has to stay home by herself and she hates it. I hate leaving a crying pup behind. Just like kids I tell ya. I'll give you and update on Chiquita later.

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