Sunday, April 04, 2010

Another Dick and Jane Girl Quilt

My hubby and I will be having a quiet Easter at home being very grateful for the good health of our family and ourselves. I will be starting the quilting on another baby quilt I made with some left over Dick and Jane blocks. I was having a hard time deciding on what quilting design to use and didn't want to take a chance on free motion quilting since I've never done it before. I have been a hand quilter for 30 years and find it very hard to machine quilt. I know I can do it and am sure i can do a good job because I've been sewing since  for 35 years. It's more of a mental thing. I'm so used to the quietness and mental therapy hand quilting gives me. Anyway, I decided on a design I saw in a book I checked out from the library and   made a template from poster board so we'll see how that works for me. I will be using a cotton backing even though I prefer a flannel backing for a baby quilt but I don't know if the flannel  would drag when I'm quilting it with the free motion quilting foot instead of the walking foot. Oh, and I'll be doing the design vertically instead of diagonally.  I'm still going to hand quilt but I want to finish more quilts and the only way to go is machine quilting. I really am behind the times aren't I! LOL

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