Friday, May 08, 2009

New Books,Dreams,Movies,Quilting

I started a new book yesterday and it’s been interesting from page one so far. WOMAN OF A THOUSAND SECRETS is a story in pre Columbus time. Tonina is a nineteen year old girl who goes through many difficult adventures. You can read a little more in the What I’m Reading Now section on the lower left side of this blog. I can tell I’m really going to enjoy this book because it has everything I like in a book.

I have been having some pretty weird dreams lately and it seems I’m the only one in my family with weird dreams. I’ve heard that sometimes hormones can cause this. My latest dream was set in a beautiful open area with green grass. I was standing on the grass smelling fresh air and water. I could see the ocean to one side and when I looked to my left I saw sheep wearing green skirts, yes, skirts and jumping off a cliff. It was a place like Scotland which I have never been to. I’ve dreamt I am having a baby, that I’m fighting evil, and I have many many dreams of a baby girl. Go figure.LOL! I just saw The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button and I really liked it. Of course I was so curious as to what an old baby would look like that that’s what actually made me see the movie. It wasn’t because Brett Pitt was the starring actor. I really didn’t even think of Brett until he actually becomes a young looking Benjamin. I didn’t realize it was a long movie until I saw the time length on the dvd cover. I really recommend this movie and you can watch it with your kids if you have any.Well it does have some naughty words though. I am still quilting the Dick and Jane quilt, or is it Tom and Jane.I like the quilting on the quilt and now that mly hands and fingers have gotten used to quilting again I’m quilting pretty fast. I was wondering if I should’ve used a white quilting thread because the multi colored thread is very visible on the off white blocks. Well I guess there’s no use in any should haves since I’m not ripping out stitches. I’m thinking about the next top I’ll be quilting. I’m thinking of the grape quilt for my sister in law or just finishing up the sunbonnet sue blocks for a twin size bed. Since I’m using a polyester batting on the quilt I’m working on now I had forgotten how easy it is to hand quilt with it compared to the cotton batting.

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