Sunday, May 03, 2009

Hand Quilting Tutorial,Reading,and Gardening

I am still working on the Dick and Jane quilt and made a hand quilting tutorial video’s. The first part you can watch on the left of this blog in The Video Of The Week section and the second part you can see by clicking on the link under the video which will take you to my YouTube channel. I had to film it early in the morning when my Chi’s were still sleepy and kind of quiet. They can get very loud though out the day LOL. Hopefully you will enjoy the video’s.

I have been spending quite a bit of time outside now that all of my rose bushes are blooming. With the jasmine and roses in full bloom the back yard is the perfect place to be everyday. Well maybe not perfect because the mosquitoes are very bad right now. We have to apply mosquito spray and have mercy on you if you dare go out in shorts which is what I did last week. I had bites on both arms and legs and couldn’t stop scratching.Back to my roses,the problem I am now having with some rose bushes that some are beginning to develop black spot with all the rain that we had but the roses have never been bigger nor more beautiful. I will soon post a video of them for you to enjoy.

I am still reading The Red Tent and once I start reading I can’t stop. I really didn’t get into the book until the second chapter. I had started the book about 3 years ago and just put it away after reading about four pages but this time I gave it another try and it’s been great so far. I just sent a copy of the book to my sister in Indiana along with The Tortilla Curtain by T. C. Boyle which is another hard to put down book. I also sent her The Other Boleyn Girl along with the movie. She’s going to love it being a big fan of The Tudors. Luckily we like the same books so we’re always sending books to each other.

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