Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother’s Day On Sunday,Gardening On Monday

I didn’t do much on Mother’s Day because Saturday we did most of our celebrating. I had breakfast with hubby and son on Sunday morning and after getting calls from my son in New York and son in Los Angeles and other people wishing me a Happy Mother’s Day hubby and I went out for a while. I can’t help be a little sad every year though because my mom is no longer with us and I would always make a big deal for my mom on Mother’s Day. I’d start about three weeks early just looking for the right card,gift,cake and flowers. I tend to get teary eyed through out Mother’s Day. But all in all it was great day.Hubby did take a picture of me that day.

meMother's Day 2009

On Monday I was out in the yard pulling weeds,weeds and more weeds.I hate pulling weeds! I dead headed my roses, fed them, watered them and tied back some too long stems of some climbing roses and in the process I got poked and scratched by the roses defense, thorns. I had to do this at noon to avoid the mosquitoes later in the day so with the high humidity I must’ve sweated gallons. I’m beginning to feel it in my neck. Some of my roses.









P1020729 Our cat Smokey likes to follow me around whenever I’m working in the yard.


Ronda said...

Good Morning my friend.
I am glad your mother day was a good one. I do so envey those who had good relationships with their good and loving mothers. Cherish those memories, you are a very lucky lady.

Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. You are very sweet and kind my friend.

Love & Prayers,

glorv1 said...

Hi Estee. I love your yard. Hey, gardening is good for you and it does relieve tension. Missing someone is good too because it alleviates the hurt and sorrow you feel. Just take it easy and think all good thoughts.
On another note, I want that bell you have hanging there. I'm going to copy you. hehehehe lololol bye now. Happy gardening.

Sara said...

Your roses are absolutely beautiful. Mine haven't come back yet from winter, but then it is only May!Glad you enjoyed your mothers day!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love horses and love seeing the kids love it!

Serena said...

Thanks for being a follower of my blog! And for commenting! I still can't get over that anyone reads what I'm writing but I really enjoy it. I'm following you now too so I can keep up! I started blogging to make friends while I'm at home with the kid, soon to be kids.

I love your roses. My mom use to keep huge beds when I was little the most she ever had was 40 and she spent at least four hours a day in them. They were beautiful!