Thursday, March 19, 2009

Remembering My Cat Sonia

jrnsonia Sonia right after we got her as a kitten.


Sonia a grown up lady.

This morning while browsing through blogs I came upon Sweetbait and she posted about her beautiful Calico kitty. It brought tears to my eyes as it reminded me of my beloved cat Sonia. I had Sonia for 10 years before having to put her to sleep. I loved that cat so much. She was such a good and loyal kitty. She use to follow me around the house and sit next to me when I sewed, she never got on the furniture not the table and she use to wait with my son at the bus stop until the bus picked him up. When we would let her go outside she never wondered off either. She was the cat everyone dreams of having. I miss her to this day and she’s been gone9 years. No matter how happy my Chi’s make me I still miss my Sonia. Off I go to buy some fabric at our new Super Joann’s. It’s my first time to the new store.

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glorv1 said...

Yes I read Sweet Bait's post as well. You always miss your pets when they leave. I still miss my dog Chorizo so much. I have Chocolatte now but Chorizo was my soulmate. Have fun at JoAnn's, I love that store. When you think of your cat, think of the good times. Take care.