Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Houston,I Love It

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I have been cleaning my sewing room and organizing before I start cutting backings for my quilt tops but decided to take a break. I was downloading some pictures to Windows live gallery and found these still in my camera. I still had 100 pictures in the camera. These are pictures of Houston. I took them when we were leaving and coming to town from Arizona. The big Beehive and Lady’s head was taken while we were just driving around town. I love this city because the people are very nice and polite, my son found that out when he moved to New York,LOL. The city has the best cancer hospitals anywhere, you can always find what you’re looking for. It has lot’s and lot’s of really good bookstores and the city is spread out it’s not just concentrated in one spot. The pictures above only show you a small part of Houston. There is a lot of land in Texas so that’s probably why.The highways are big and have exits that easily get you off the express way. There are many great museums that often have good exhibits.A great zoo which we visited almost every weekend when my kids were young. There are big sports arenas and of course the really big yearly quilt festival. Many multi cultural festivals through out the year and a great 4th of July fireworks display. We have the Johnson Space Center and the Space Center where one of my son’s worked at for a long time. Another things is that Houston usually gets lot’s of rain so it’s always green so when you’re in a plane and you look out the window when you coming into Houston you can see how green it looks everywhere. If you ever come to Houston look up Lucia’s Garden, it’s a small business in a cottage style house that has candles, fairy’s,books,herbs,music cd’s, soaps, jewelry,plants, incense ect… You won’t be disappointed I promise. You must be thinking there has to be something I don’t like about Houston and yes there is. It’s hot and humid in summer which curly headed people like me don’t like and the mosquitoes can be bad if we’ve had lot’s rain for a couple of days. I hate the clay soil which makes it very had to dig and you must add peat moss and compost to the soil to help make it more workable. I do a lot of gardening and that can be in a pain in the shoulders and rear.You need a strong back and tools to garden in Houston. That’s it.

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