Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Basting Quilt

I am finally back to quilting and it feels so good. I am going to baste a 54 inch Tom and Jane quilt top that I made last year. It's been patiently waiting for me staring at me every time I go into my fabric closet. I thought I had cotton batting but no luck so I will use polyester batting and I will have to piece it because I really hate to cut up a full or twin size batting just for a 54 inch quilt and I can't bring myself to throw good pieces of batting away either so I will piece the batting today. I have done that before and you can't even tell once the quilting is done. I'm quilting this one using a flannel backing and I had to piece that to because the flannel was 42 inches and the top is 52 inches wide. I will try quilting this with no frame since it is small but if it gets too hot I will definitely put it in a frame.
I have been gardening and found some beautiful dwarf dalias for my front yard. My hubby killed a climbing rose I had in the front that was about 13 years old. He put in some bone meal without watering it and now the leafs are all brown. I am so upset about that! I don't get it because I've never known him to kill any plants he's the one with the green thumb.

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