Wednesday, April 08, 2009

I’ve Been A Busy Bee

For the last two weeks I have been pretty busy. My two older son’s are coming to visit and I have been busy cleaning and making room which means moving lot’s of my stuff from where I usually have it. My oldest son is coming in from Los Angeles and whom I haven’t seen in two years. The second son is coming in from New York city and they are both coming in the same day and at the same hour so it will be great picking them both up at the same airport. The oldest and I share the same birthday and haven’t celebrated one together in 8 years and when the second son found out his brother was going to be home for our birthday he decided to come to. I am so happy and excited I can hardly wait for Thursday.

I have also been busy quilting the Dick and Jane quilt which I have only been doing in between cleaning and organizing. I’ve been working quite a bit in the garden. I have bought two new rose bushes, Mary Rose and The Dark Lady. I just fell in love with The Dark Lady roses they are huge crimson flowers with about 100 petals each and smell so good. Mary Rose has big pink flowers also with lot’s of petals and it smells even more beautiful. I have gotten herbs and will be adding more soil to the herb garden which is something I do every year. Here are a couple of pictures of my plants and my little chi strapped in her car seat while on a trip to Galveston. Now she’s not driving me crazy standing at the window parking at the cars.

100_2466 The Dark Lady

100_2434 mary Rose

100_2467 My little girl in her car seat. Had to put her in a car seat after she destroyed the padding on the door.

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