Sunday, February 22, 2009

Yes, It Can Happen

I saw a car which made me think back to a hilarious experience a friend and I had many years ago. We both laugh out loud every time we remember. We went out shopping and stopped at this store, we parked went inside and stayed there for about 30 minutes, so we head back to the car, my friend and I go inside the car and my friend puts the key in the ignition and in the mean time I'm noticing things I hadn't noticed before like cassettes I hadn't seen before and a cigarette lighter, I ask my friend, "Are these your cassettes, I don't remember you having these here before and this lighter wasn't here either?" and we look at each other and I ask her, " Is this your car?" We both just open our mouths and get out of the car faster than cat running from a dog. We had gotten in the wrong car and just as we had gotten into her car the owners of the wrong car come out of the store and get inside the car. Those two cars were identical, and oh my gosh, she drove out of that parking lot so fast it was hilarious. I asked her why she was driving out so fast and she said she was afraid some one would think she was trying to steal a car and I told her, "but you didn't you idiot." Man, oh man, we were both laughing so hard we were crying and she had to pull over because she couldn't drive. I guess we'll laugh about that forever.

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