Sunday, March 08, 2009

Plant Shopping

Beautiful oriental statue. I just love it.

Very expensive very beautiful fountains.
Shrimp plant, kind of funky looking plant.
Herb section of nursery.
Spring shipments of annuals and perennials.
Me looking at roses.
Saturday I went plant shopping at the biggest Nursery I've ever been to. Maas Nursery is about 4 miles from my house and I just love going there during spring and summer if not to buy then just to see what's new. All of the roses I have I have bought at that place and I haven't lost a single one yet. I go every spring to buy new herb plants and plant food. They had a very big loss due to the hurricane but they are beginning to have shipments come in for the spring. Our weather has been beautiful the past couple of days so I thought I'd take advantage of it and start shopping for plants. I have to plant some rose cuttings that are big enough to put in the ground. Can you believe that from about 30 cuttings only 3 survived. I always accidentally pull out herbs in the beginning of spring when I'm pulling weeds. I go crazy pulling weeds and over look the baby herbs that look like weeds. My husband always gets after me for that. In a couple of weeks my there will be the most beautiful sweet and spicy scents of roses, jasmine, trumpet flowers and herbs. I tend to buy old fashion roses and David Austen roses are my favorite. Luckily my husband has a very green thumb which I envy. He plants every plant I buy and I trim and feed them. My husband loves plants he reminds me so much of his dad. My father in law is 94 years old and he still waters his gardens. Last year he was trying to climb an orange tree and fell. Thank goodness nothing happened to him. I wonder if that's what I should expect from my hubby. LOL.


glorv1 said...

You and your husband sound like me and my husband. We grow from seed. We plant all our vegetables, we take cuttings from roses and re-root them, our chickens give us eggs, I grow my own herbs especially the mint. I like the mint in planters as they tend to spread a lot. Way out in back I have a lot of different types of mints growing and it is okay if they spread out there. We have tons of fruit trees and just all kinds of pine trees. We couldn't live without the greenery that we have become accustomed to. Actually it's 27 years and we have been planting since day one.
Sounds like you had a nice time on a very nice day (your sleeveless) at the nursery. I'm glad to hear your father in law is still going strong. Take care.

Diane said...

What a place! I think I could spend an entire day there.
I have given you a blog award. Please see my blog for details.
Hugs, Diane