Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Handi Stippler

I just got the Handi Stippler I ordered a couple of weeks ago. It' suppose to control the speed of your machine to whatever speed feels comfortable for you and whatever speed allows you to make better machine stippling. I have to say I love this thing, it allows you to change your speed from real slow to real high and it has many settings in between. The price was very reasonable compared to others I've seen. Now, I'm not plugging this product I'm just giving my opinion. I'll let you know when I find a gadget I think is great. I'll try anything if it'll make my life easier.


Susan said...

I haven't heard of that, so I'll have to investigate. It sounds interesting. Thanks for the referral!

MarĂ­a Elena said...

Hi,thanks for stopping by my blog. I am practicing free motion quilting and controlling the speed too.

Mary said...

Hi, thanks for visiting my blog...oh, that airplaine quilt, I made that quilt for my son, 18 yrs ago (he is 19) now for his 1st birthday. He was really into airplaines as a little boy and used to build them with my dad (paper or cardboard ones)...I named that one the Red Baron as they are all blue, but the last one is Red. If I remember correctly, I got the pattern not from a magazine, but it has plastic templates and I think I still have those templates (never throw anything away), so will have to find it and it may be with the pattern. If I find it, I will mail to you, give me your email address. Mine is
Quilting Hugs, Mary