Sunday, August 10, 2008


I have always been curious as to what supplies every quilter, painter, or multi media artist uses so I decided to show you all my most essential quilting supplies. I have lot's of rulers and didn't have room for them in the picture so just imagine them somewhere. I use the 4x25 inch clear ruler with the yellow lines every time I cut fabric. I'm a gadget person, I love all kinds of gadgets. 1. neck strap with scissors 2. Roxanne quilting needles (I love these needles) 3. 1/4" quilting tape 4. bees wax to run my thread through when quilting 5. round clamps(this is what I use when I roll the sides of a quilt while quilting on the sewing machine. They make it easier for me to handle.) 6. Wrist pin cushion 7. Thimble (my favorite) 8. Scissors (super sharp, small and large) 9. Multi Viewer (it multiplies one block into many so you can see what a quilt will look like) 10. Mini Iron, I love this thing for ironing small blocks especially applique 11. Safety pin clips you attach to the sides of a pin so they're easier to handle and see. 12. This helps you push needles into hard places but I use it to open safety pins 13. Thimble It, you put these on the tips of your fingers that you use to feel the quilting as it comes under the quilt while hand quilting. 14. Finger Needle Graber, you put them on your finger tips to make it easier to grab a needle. 15. Needle Graber, does the same thing as #14 16. Quilter's FabriCal, a calculator just for fabric. This is wonderful for figuring fabric yardage. It's the best. This was a gift from my cousin. Thanks cuz. 17. Clips to hold the binding in place on a quilt while you're hand quilting it. Use these instead of pins. 18. Finger massagers, you put these on your thumbs and massage away. Have someone do it for you of course. 19. Seam ripper with a light. A must for tired eyes. 20. Marking pencil 21. Mini vacum attachments that you attach to a regular size vacum. These are great to take the dust and thread lint from your machine. 22. Quilt Pounce, it looks like an eraser doesn't it, you remove that red cap and put chalk powder inside them cover it up and pounce over any stencil to trace to quilting design. It's great. 23. Marking pencils and chalk markers 24. Wax, again. 25. Rotary cutter, I don't know how I almost forgot that. It should be at the top of the list. Things that are not listed: 26. Baptist Fan templates that I made myself because it's my favorite hand quilting design. 27. Tiny 1/2" applique pins.I knew I would forget something. Ugh. I didn't list all my stuff of course, these are just the things that I take out every time I machine piece or hand quilt. I'd love to see what supplies you use.

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