Monday, August 04, 2008

Hurricane My Way

O.K here we go again, playing the guessing game of will the hurricane come our way or not. I can't tell you all how tired I am of this. Having to deal with the possibility of getting a hurricane every summer has really gotten to me and now I'm getting angry. I am ready to relocate but hubby has his job here and we have the Galveston beach, the city of Houston, which is a great city by the way. I guess what really made me seriously think of relocating was the evacuation during hurricane Rita. That was a total nightmare! My son in CA has to deal with earthquakes and my newly transplanted son in Jersey City has to deal with cold and snow. So, what's it's easier to deal with, hurricanes, earth quakes, bitter cold or snow? You may not think snow is a big deal but it is when you've lived in Houston your whole life. We only get snow flurries every couple of years, so where is the best place to live. Hawaii is out of the question, it's too expansive to live there. I shall let you all know what happens. Which all of us luck.


Morah said...

Keeping my fingers crossed here in Corpus Christi that Edouard goes easy on you. We're still fighting the monster sized mosquitos from Dolly!

Lori in South Dakota said...

My friend and often debate where is the best place to live. She lives in Hawaii and hates it. Beautiful weather BUT....! I live in South Dakota, and we have the extremes of weather, hot in summer, frigid cold in winter. But the people are very nice, and traffic usually is not a problem!! Hmmm, the East or West Coasts don't do a thing for me. I do like the Ozarks of southern Missouri and Northern Arkansas. I'm looking for warm winters, not hot summers, trees and hills with lakes and beautiful views. Yeah, probably doesn't exist!!