Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Agenda For Today

This morning when I looked out my patio window this is what I saw, our cat Hunter, laying next to our fake cat. I couldn't resist and took a picture. I thought that was just too cute to pass up. I will be quilting some more on my baby heart quilt hopefully I will finish that up this week. I also need to practice my free motion quilting. I know, I'm a late bloomer in that department. I'm also trying to finish the book The Witch Of Cologne,which is a very good book. It's a historical fiction and no it's not a scary witch type book at all which is what a lot of people think when they see the title. It's about a midwife who learned a lot of what she knows from a doctor. She knows how to turn a baby while it's in the womb and she knows how to use forceps, something that was rare for a woman to know during medieval times. Anyway the people think she can do all those things because she's a witch.

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