Monday, July 28, 2008

My Ebay Find

I am so excited about winning this Brother 1500s sewing machine on ebay a week ago. I had been wanting one for a couple of years but due to other more important financial periorities I kept putting it off. One night I was looking through ebay and saw this machine. I couldn't believe my eyes so I put in a bid right away and kept an eye on it for two days. On the last day of the bidding I sat in front of the computer all day and five minutes this the bid closed I put in my last bid of $400. I was hoping the other bidders wouldn't have time to bid again and sure enough I won the machine. It's brand new except that the only thing it didn't have was the quilting foot which I had to buy for $48. I am happy to finally be doing free motion quilting since I have always been old school and hand quilted all my quilts. I tried it and I love the freedom you have to do anything you want as far as a quilting design is concerned. I know most of you have been doing this for years but hey give me a break at least I have caught up with you guys.

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