Sunday, February 11, 2007

Quilt Is In Museum

Well I took two of my quilts to the museum on Friday. My neighbor went with me and she took two also. I am actually really missing those quilts. I have weird thoughts like, what if they get stolen, what if the place burns down, what if some kid puts bugurs on them. I know it's insane but those are my thoughts at times. I know that every visitor gets a pair of gloves as they enter just in case they want to examine the stitches of a quilt but I've never been without my quilts. I guess I need to start quilting another to keep my mind at ease. I was fighting a bad cold this pass week so didn't feel like basting anything. Then I'll be going to jury duty on the 26th and hopefully I won't get picked to stay on. That already stressing me out. I have to travel 35 miles and cross a big bridge to get to the court house. Been looking at some of Linda's eq patterns and I really like the pink and brown quilt she made up. That Linda is a busy bee. I wish I could get half as much as she does. Hope everyone has a great week.

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