Sunday, February 18, 2007

What I'm Working On

This is the quilt I'm working on now. It's a top I finished last summer and now am working on the backing. I made this top from the Turning Twenty left over scraps. I cut four big pieces of floral fabric and will sew them up together today and use that for the backing. Might as well make it real girly, top and backing. I'm getting a little bored with just a plain backing so I'm venturing into piecing my backings. I've always liked the idea but by the time I got to the backing all I wanted to do is be done with it and didn't want to deal with anymore piecing. I will try and bast it on the new folding table I bought at JoAnn's, with a coupon of course. I am so tired of floor basting. I figured it's going to be a small 55 inch quilt so I think I can do it on the table. This quilt will go to any grand daughter I have in the future. It took me a long time to collect this rose fabric. This picture isn't showing the borders but they are they three inch floral strips. The picture on top is the backing already finished. It may look kind of weird but I like it. I just couldn't pass up paisley fabric with roses.

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