Tuesday, January 09, 2007

House Back To Normal

Now that my two older boys are gone I can continue my quilting again. I am still working on the binding for the star quilt. I have been working on the quilting on that quilt for three months now. If I wasn't working I would've be done a long time ago. I'm considering putting two of my quilts in a town museum not far from home. The museum has a quilt show every year that features quilts made by local quilters. The thing is they will be on display for almost two months and I don't know how I'd feel about having my quilts away from me. I know it's crazy but I do get attached to the quilts I make especially if I hand quilt them. You may find this hard to believe but I actually look forward to going to work now. I sure did get used to being home for the two week holiday I had though. I believe  Now, rumor has it the fabric department will be closing in all Wal Mart stores. I don't often shop there for fabric but I have purchased some. I heard they will still have the notions and sewing machines and some cut fabric but no fabric by the yard. I usually get my fabric at my LQS or at JoAnn's. If it weren't for the coupons I get from JoAnn's I wouldn't go very often. Well it's almost time to go to work and I must go eat some breakfast. Have a good one everyone.

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