Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Quilt Binding

I am happy to report that I will be done with the binding tonight. Now, how many times have I said that? I have about seven inches left to go. I'm getting bummed out about not being able to quilt as much as when I wasn't working. Working sucks more than a bucket of ticks. I want to start working on my SIL's grape quilt next. She has been patiently waiting for that quilt especially since she saw the finished top. I have to hurry since she sold me her car for a good price. I told her to give me a discount of about $500 since that about how much quilts go for now a days. LOL! Hubby and I went to pick up our son Chris at the airport today in the ugliest of weather. It was cold and raining cats, dogs, pigs, and cows. The kid was in Mexico for 4 weeks with his university. Lucky kid even went to Cancun and came back home with quite a tan. He will be going back to Arizona Saturday. Since I still can't post a picture of the quilt I am posting one of my Sunbonnet Sue's blocks. I have to make twenty more blocks for a twin size quilt and they are all different.

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