Monday, January 01, 2007

Quilting Status

Here are a couple of pictures of my boys. Top one is of my oldest, JR sitting next to my baby, Ben sitting next to dad. The other is of JR right after arriving from CA. Just in case you're wondering why the stocking is above the door. That was Ben's crazy idea. I don't know why I can't post a picture of Chris. Oh well. Well Christmas has come and gone and now it's 2007 and I still haven't finished the quilt. I know, it's terrible. I asked my son if he wanted another quilt and he said he has such little room in his apartment closet that he would prefer for me to give it later just in case he moves so I'm not rushing it anymore. I am about done though. I'm working on the binding right now. It was great having my three sons together again. Chris left for New Orleans on the 29th and will be coming in tonight to leave for Mexico tomorrow. JR left on the 31st back to CA but was stopping at the Grand Canyon and Vegas. I can't keep up with their schedules anymore. A funny thing happened on Christmas morning that took me back to when my kids were small. I gave my oldest money and a sheet set to go with the quilt I was hoping to give him. Well, as he opened the box with the sheets he got a confused look on his face and asked why he got sheets. He then looked at what my hubby gave me, Ipod and other computer geek stuff which is what I wanted and he says, "Man, that's what I really want, you want to trade mom? I'll trade you the sheets for that USB drive." Chris laughed and said, "JR is jealous of what you got mom." I couldn't believe this was coming from my almost 28 and 26 year old. I swear it was like going back to Christmas 1986. Chris was happy with money and tyes I got him and my youngest Ben was over the moon with his new amp for his guitar. He was so happy to get it. My husband told him to play it as loud as he wanted as long as the dogs weren't standing next to it. I think this is the first Christmas I don't bake Christmas cookies. I can't figure out why. Time just went by too fast. I went to JoAnn's yesterday and bought some baby flannel and quilting books that were 50% off. My resolution for the year is to start quilting on News Year's day and do some sort of quilting everyday of 2007.

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