Saturday, April 10, 2010

Getting Ready For New York

I am so looking forward to going to NY to visit with my son. I'm not looking forward to all the walking he said I'm going to do though. My back is going to be crying. I have my heating pad and Aspercreme ready to go. I'm suppose to be going to the dentist to have a tooth pulled on Monday so hopefully I'll be healed and ready in two weeks. I'll have it replaced when I come back home. We'll see where my son takes hubby and I. He said he would try and get tickets for the broad way show Wicked. I sure hope he does. I am also looking up quilting stores in NYC and Jersey City, although I can't imagine the fabric prices in NY. Ouch.
Quilting is going steady with me hand sewing the binding on the small quilt. I chose a yellow fabric with little bees. I usually choose dark bindings for my quilts but this time I chose a light yellow, which to me says,"Baby Girl". I'll post pictures from NYC.


Gloria said...

Hi Estee. Sorry I haven't been around lately. I'm back and forth to San Jose.(mom) I do hope you have a great time in New York. I would love to go there to eat at Bobby Flay's restuarant. You bet the quilting prices will be higher there.Take care of that back, that's the problem with my mom right now. Have a lot of fun!

TheFancyChola said...

Great Blog....I heart my hand stitched quilts my Grandma Carmen made me...keep quilting, it makes for great memories!