Tuesday, September 01, 2009


I had no idea that being mom to kittens was so much work. I'm feeding them every 4 hours and then I let them play for an hour in a dog corral because I still think they are to small to let them play around with my dogs. Chiquita goes round and round outside the corral while the kittens run around inside. It's really very funny. Oreo likes climbing to the top of the scratching post to sit and Chiquita just stares at him not taking her eyes off him as if she is afraid he will get hurt if he jumps. She will look my way and then back at the kitten. Another thing that makes Chiquita nervous is when the kittens play rough with each other. She gets a nervous look in her eyes,starts shaking and then barks at them, which I think is her way of telling them to stop. I really had no idea my chihuahua would take such a liking to kittens. The thing that is not so funny is that I already have what looks like 100 scratches on my arms and legs from the razor sharp nails on those kittens. Yesterday morning they were really hungry when I took them out of their kennel and when I was putting their milk into their bowl Oreo actually jumped on my calf and then I felt his nail dig into my flesh and when I turned to look I saw him hanging on by just that one nail. OMG, it hurt so bad I screamed and and I think that scared him even more because he then tried to hang on to my arm and hand. I am covered in scratches, anyone who sees me will think I cut myself. Oh, and then this morning I was kneeling on the floor feeding Oreo when I felt Cotton climbing up my back, so I'm there on the floor trying to feed one kitten while trying to get one off my back all the while feeling his nails. I was actually laughing just imagining what I must have looked like.LOL! There hasn't been a dull moment in my house since those little kittens arrived.

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