Sunday, March 15, 2009

Curtains On Their Way To New York

I am finally done with the altering of the curtains for my son's apartment. It took me three days to measure, cut and add fabric to the curtains but it took me three months to actually get started. I just wasn't motivated for some reason well I do know what it was. It's this darn computer I'm so addicted to. LOL! I also sent him some Ritz crackers, teddy graham cookies which he has liked since he was little and some books. Oh, and some Ranch Style Beans which he says he can't find in Jersey City. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders now that I sent off the box. He bought the curtains during his Christmas vacation to Texas at Linens & Things while everything was 70% off. He got great looking guy curtains at a great deal but three were too small and two were very long so I said "No problem I'll just take from the very long ones and add to the short ones." I was able to match the fabric pattern with no problem and you can't tell unless you look at them up close. He customized a curtain rod for the weird shaped window in his living room so hopefully it'll turn out o.k. Now I'm motivated to get back to my quilting and painting. I have many quilt tops waiting to be made into quilts, canvases waiting to be painted and beads waiting to be made into jewelry.

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