Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bunny Love

Just take a look at this bunny isn't he the cutest. He reminds me of a bunny my brother found in a field and brought it home to me when I was three.He was 16 at the time and he use to help a farmer with his crops. As soon as he put the bunny on the floor I fell in love with it. We had the bunny for a long time until it died. I found this bunny at Petsmart of all places. It's a toy for big dogs of all things. I grabbed it as soon as I saw it and as soon as my Chi's saw it they wanted it but this one's for me. I was touching it and stroking it's super soft fur while i was reading last night. It looks real from a distance and I fooled my 21 year old son when I told him I had found a bunny near a field. He also had to hold it as soon as he saw it. I can't imagine someone giving this to a dog for a toy it's just to cute. Had to share.

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glorv1 said...

What a cute bunny. I once had a bunny. It was very spoiled. It sat on my or on my shoulder. As all things do, it died. I sure did miss thumper. Oh by the way, it knew it's name. I would be in the kitchen and it would be in it's house and I would call him and say, "Thumper, come here Thumper." He'd come running out of his house. People still don't believe me when I tell them about my intelligent bunny. Thx for sharing. Take care.