Monday, January 19, 2009

No Sleep Last Night

This is what I look like when I haven't gotten any sleep, and, no, I'm not embarrassed because I know no one wakes up pretty.HA! That's what happens to curly hair in Texas, especially when you live close to the water. My son went out last night and at 2 a.m we get a call that he's car is broken down miles from home. So, what do my husband and I do, get in the car at 2:30 and go looking for him but luckily my son's car starts and my husband and I just head back home. We talk while watching The Good The Bad and The Ugly with back then hunk Clint Eastwood. Well, I went to bed at 4a.m and then woke up at 12 p.m today with my head spinning and my back hurting. even my little dogs woke up late then ate and are back in bed. I'll probably get it back in gear in a couple of hours.


glorv1 said...

Well I don't blame you for sleeping in. I don't like to get up late night hours. I look like that too when I get up.:) Not to worry. Well at least your son was safe. Have a great evening.

Joyce said...

And to think I have always wanted curly hair. Humidity just makes mine straighter.

glorv1 said...

I hope you are feeling better. Take care.