Saturday, January 17, 2009

Get Ready For Pictures

Many of my friends want to know why I haven't posted pictures of the many crafts items I have made, well, I don't know, so, I will take pictures today and probably post them tonight or tomorrow morning. I make ornaments and all kinds of stuff every Christmas but just never take pictures. Check back tonight. I'm redoing the curtains for my son's apartment right now.

Yesterday, Friday, hubby and I went to the Half Price Books again on Montrose and Westheimer in Houston. I bought some more movies and two books for my sister in Indiana. I had the hardest time finding books for her because we both share a love for books and we have the same taste in books so when I find something I think she will like I wonder if she all ready has it. It's actually funny because we have bought many of the same books without even knowing until we start talking about what we have bought.These are the books I got her. I just have to read them first.LOL! I read some of the first one and it was pretty funny from the start.

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glorv1 said...

Oh boy I can hardly wait to see your quilts. ::waiting:: Good girls gone bad I heard was made into a movie. Enjoy your books and have a great evening. Looking forward to the pictures. Take care.