Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Fleeing IKE At the out of town hospital Only the stilts left where houses once were

Boats on street One of my favorite antique places.
I finally have electricity and the internet again, I'm so happy. My husband, son and I left to get away from IKE on Thursday the day before it hit Galveston. There is no way I wanted to stay for that monster hurricane. I went through two when I was a kid and I remember my family taking shelter at a school and just seeing the trees swaying and branching flying by the windows. My family and I headed to south TX and had no problem with the traffic. Everyone in Galveston and Houston were evacuating north. Why, I don't know. My in-laws live in that part of TX so we got to visit with my sweet father-in-law. One of my chihuahuas was so stressed out she got severe bloody runs and I had to put her in the animal hospital. She was terrified and wouldn't eat nor drink so they had to fill her up with fluids. The vet and workers at Border Animal hospital were great. We came back home on Friday a week after the hurricane and it was and still is a mess. Thankfully, nothing happened to our house. All the shingles are on and the arbors and patio are still in tact. We did have a lot of tree limbs and debris in the front and back yard. Oh, but what was totally disgusting was the rotten food in my fridge and freezer. There was a 15 lb. turkey and 3 boxes of ice cream in my freezer so you can imagine the smell. The lady who lives two houses from mine had a tree fall on her roof. Seabrook and Kemah which are about 3 miles from us and where we go to enjoy the sail boats and buy seafood is terrible all of those seafood places are no longer there and there are boats on the street. Oh, my three cats who were left outside to fend for themselves made it through the hurricane. Don't get upset with me but they say animals are safer being free than locked up. I'm pretty sure they spent the hurricane under our shed. They learned how to hunt for their food while we were gone. I have two friends who stayed through the hurricane and they say it was a nightmare and will not ever do it again. Galveston lost four feet of the beach sand and I mean four feet deep.

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