Friday, September 29, 2006

Star Quilt Basted

I am happy to report that I finally basted the Folk Star quilt top. I am so happy that I actually accomplished what I said I would do, but boy, oh boy, am I totally beat. I do all my basting on the living room floor. First I tape the backing, set the batting, then set the top. I then pin and baste with thread. That took me most of the day. I had to take three breaks in order to keep going. I have got to find an easier way. I find that it's the only way to baste when I'm working with a flannel backing if I don't want it to get wrinkles. Thank goodness I have wooden floors or else I'd really be in trouble. I will be getting my hubby to help me roll it onto the frame. That's the thing about quilts with flannel backings, you have to be really careful how you roll them onto the frame. It was a very nice day and not too hot so that didn't make it too bad on me. I went to JoAnne's and used a 50% off coupon on the Kaffe Fassett's Quilt Road book that I had been eyeing for a while. I love the quilts in that book. I will post pictures of the Star quilt once it's on the frame. Cafeteria news, slacker girl left home at 8:30 on Thursday so it was just five of us working and boy was it hectic. There were times when I had to do the serving by myself, and thank goodness it was pizza day, which makes it easier for me to just slap the pizza slice onto the trays. I was so into the serving that I kept on serving trays even after there were no more kids coming. The other server looked at me and asked why I was still serving. I stopped and then realized there were no more kids. LOL! I served 350 slices of pizza, not to mention the fish and BBQ sandwiches. I'm beginning to despise pizza now. HA!

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