Monday, September 25, 2006

My Pin Cushions

I never gave much thought to the pin cushions I actually own but after seeing the pin cushion pictures of other bloggers I thought I'd join in. I can't do without the magnetic round one. I have to have that one close by just in case I drop some pins on the floor or something. I have all my pins in small different containers so they won't get mixed up because I use different pins for different tasks. I use to velcro the yellow square pin cushion to my old machine but that isn't possible with my current machine, but as you can see that pin cushion still holds a lot of pins. I made the Bunny pin cushion many years ago when I was bored and was in the mood to make something different. After I made it I didn't have the heart to stick pins in it, I know I'm crazy. I use the wrist flower pin cushion when I applique using the very small pins. I like being able to quickly stick them to something close by. The big green tomato is one I made also many years ago from a pattern. I do like it a lot, but just find it too big to really use so it just sits in the sewing room for show. I know I have others but they are probably in boxes or bags lost among the tons of fabric in my sewing room closets. I have actually looked for other pin cushion patterns but haven't really found any. I would like to make old fashion pin cushions to display in a shelve. Anybody out there who can lead me in the right direction?

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