Thursday, July 06, 2006

Do Dogs Know

Not too much quilting going on today. A week ago one of our two Chi's started crying every time my son walked out the door. I'm talking howling, loud, for a good 30 minutes and waits at the window for him. He is the one she bonded with right away when we first got her as a 4 week only pup. When he goes to the restroom she waits at the door for him and follows him all around the house. Chris,my son will be leaving to Graduate school next month and I'm wondering if maybe she senses he is leaving. He told me last night she went to his room five time wanting to get in bed with him. I'm wondering if she might be having nightmares. Chiquita(the pup) has always been high strung and is always running around.She is sensitive to every sound around her, she just isn't a calm little dog, except when she is with Chris. Anybody ever experience something like this with a pet? Chris says she has severe separation anxiety. ****************** Gratitudes 1. My son, Chris, he is such a good son. 2. Chiquita, she keeps everyone on their toes. 3. All the birds in my back yard. 4. Having a husband with a green thumb.

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