Sunday, November 07, 2010

Two Months Worth Of Posting

I have been so busy since my last post in August. I am happy to have been struck with an endless supply of creative energy. I have also been gallivanting all over the place with my good friend Lila. We have  both been shopping, she, for  her trip to Colorado later this month, which is the time her first grandson will be born. I am so happy and excited for her. I have been shopping for my  Thanksgiving and Christmas projects.
The following are pictures of some of the things I have done in the last two months.

This is a Christmas  quilt top I will be machine quilting with a meandering design. I was going to make an applique Christmas quilt but then realize I wouldn't finish it for Christmas. This was so easy making with 14" blocks. I'm using a red flannel for the backing and using basting spray for the first time so wish me luck. I'm now looking for a red bed skirt that I can't seem to find in any store.

 This was a quick Christmas blanket I made last week. I just had to buy the fabric when I saw the characters from the classic movie Rudolph Red Nose Raindeer.  I just put some sateen bias tape on the edge to give it a more traditional blanket look. I though about being under this blanket while watching the movie :)

 This is Sam Moon, a store in Houston with nothing but purses, totes, wallets, and carry on bags. It's huge and you need money and time when you go there because you're gonna want more than 
 one purse and you'll spend more than two hours seeing all the purses. My friend Lila and I spent 3 hours in that store. I bought a purse, carry on bag and a beautiful wrap.

 This is an Herb bread that my family and I love. It is so good I can't even tell you. There's only one rising to this bread and that's what I like about it. It's even better toasted.  I add rosemary, tarragon, and sweet basil. The aroma while the bread is baking is heavenly.

 I was shopping at the bookstore in October and saw this book and my first reaction was,"What the hell have they done to Dick and Jane."  I was disgusted!  Why couldn't they leave this little characters alone?!

 Apple Dumplings. These babies are so good and so easy to make. I really mean super easy. Here link from where I got the recipe. Just click on the highlighted link and it will take you to the recipe.   I didn't use the whole can of Sprite I only used half and I only used on stick of butter.

A Creed concert I went to with my son in late August. I loved it!!!!! My son knows I like Creed and I was so surprised when he invited me to go along.

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