Sunday, April 19, 2009

Raining Cats and Dogs In Houston

Wow, was the rain we got in Houston saturday crazy or what! Those were some severe thunderstorms with tornados. We live in a high place so when our street and back yard get flooded it means we have gotten way too much rain. I couldn't believe how hard and fast the rain was coming down. I heard we got somewhere like 8 inches of rain in a small amount of time. There were trash bags floating down our street. I have seen it get like that three times first time was back in the early 90's during a tropcial storm and then during the bad flood here back in 2001 and then again yesterday. We have a shed in the back yard and if it would've rained one more inch the water would've gone into the shed. I'm sure many houses got rain inside because like I said we live on a pretty high spot so when our street gets flooded it gets pretty bad in other places. Today, Sunday, is a beautiful day and most of my roses are blooming.

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