Saturday, November 01, 2008

New Inspiration

I decided to take a small quilting break because I seem to have hit a slump and I can't decide on what kind of quilt I want to do next nor what fabrics to use, that type of thing you know what I mean,so I am trying to create collages along with water color painting. I believe painting and quilting are very much alike since they both deal with color and imagination. The last time I painted was back in high school and Lord knows that was a life time ago. I have to say I'm having a great time shopping for paints and color pencils and just discovering all the new art supplies that are now available. I love them all! I still can't decide what I prefer, water colors or acrylics but I'm leaning more towards water colors. I know I don't want do oils because of the clean up. My oldest son paints but he works with oils. I am going through my scrap booking things which I hadn't done in a long while and just get so excited when I find something I can use for the collages and you can pretty much use anything for that. I plan on having many new quilting ideas after painting for a week. I went to my neighbors(also a quilter) house yesterday and she is just on a quilting roll right now. I believe what really inspires her to do more and more quilts are the 7 grand children she has. Her mother pieces the quilt tops and my neighbor quilts them. I really need to set up a weekly quilting and painting schedule so i can do both on a regular basis instead of doing just one thing.

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