Friday, May 04, 2007

More Time To Quilt

I am looking forward to more quilting time when school is out which is in two more weeks. The kdis at the school are getting louder and it's getting easier for me to get after them. If they get too loud I just point and they know they need to go to the end of the lunch line. It actually works. I am still quilting away tying to get my quilt done before my son Chris gets home. He will be getting home from Arizona by Sunday or Monday. I can't wait to see him. He will then go to CA to visit the Redwood Forest, visit his older brother, drive the coast and then come on back home. He will then go do his internship in New York for three months. I asked him if he ever got tired of flying and he said no. I get tired just by hearing him talk about it. I was wondering if any of you use the gloves for quilting. You know the ones that are suppose to keep your hands from hurting. My hand and fingers are begining to get sore after quilting. Please let me know if they do help. I have been looking over some very old quilting patterns that have no intructions for rotary cutting and that really makes me not want to even attempt it. I had been wondering the same thing Jeanne asked on one of her recent blogs about how to quilt a blanket stitch applique quilt. My neighbor just does the shadow quilting around each applique design and they look quite good. I'm talking hand quilting. It just amazes me how fast Linda and Jeanne turn out quilts. I think they have hyper active hands or something. I mean it as a compliment girls.

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