Monday, November 27, 2006

Look What I Bought

I went shopping Wednesday and stopped at my LQS. I hadn't stopped in a while so I stayed for about 2 hours. I bought the quilt book, Frills, after seeing a display quilt made with the pattern in the book. I just fell in love with the quilt. It's very feminine and very fast to make, which is the main reason I liked it so much. I also bought some more southwest fabric for the quilt I want to make for Chris who is in Arizona. I just need a good pattern. I always shop without any pattern in mind. I know I shouldn't do that but it's not often I find nice southwest fabric. I'm thinking more of a lap quilt than a full size. I'm still working on the folk star quilt and sometimes I get over whelmed and think maybe I won't be able to finish it by Christmas. Now that I'm on a dead line I have to be careful I don't chew my nails more than I quilt. LOL! Today we had temps in the 70's but will experience 30's temps by Thursday. I know some of you living up north are probably laughing but to us Texans living in the Southeast, 30's weather is way too cold. Now that I know my son's are coming for two weeks, I'm considering planning out menu's while they are here so I won't go crazy trying to figure out what to feed them. I just know they want homecooked meals. Chris' ex boss is giving him a chance to work at the Space Center while he's here for the two weeks so he can have extra money when he goes to Mexico. I'm glad I'll be off for the two weeks they will be here. By the way, I went to sub at another cafeteria and almost choked. I now have a cough due to the cold I had last week and for some reason my throat got so dry I started coughing and then couldn't catch my breath. I had all them ladies asking if i was alright and one wanted to hit me on the back and another asked if I wanted the nurse. I just stayed calmed and kept coughing till I was O.K. That was so not cool. Hopefully, I won't have to go sub there again even though compared to my school, the work was a piece of cake, but way to far.

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