Saturday, October 07, 2006

Yard Work Today

I am quilting every chance I get. I am able to complete one row of stars per week, so, I figured I should be able to finish it for Christmas to give to my son in CA. I am happy to report the waves you see on each block in the picture are coming out as I quilt. Today, I was going to get my hair cut but the lady who cuts my hair was doing a perm and I didn't stick around till she finished. I just came back home and attacked the back yard, it was like a jungle out there. No kidding! I trimmed my rose bushes, bouganvilla, everything that has thorns, and boy do I have evidence of that on my body. I was so tired afterwards. Hubby did the picking up of the branches and throwing them away. I fed my roses, so, hopefully they will bloom again at least two more times before any freezing weather. They are really enjoying this cooler weather right now. Hubby and I just sat on the couch and every time either of us got up my son could hear us. We hurt everywhere. I told our 18 year old he would have to help us get up when we got older and he said he would attach ropes in front of the couch so we could grab and get up. That stinker. My husband wants a fanny lifter type of chair. Heck, I don't have to get up. HA! Chris, my son who is going to school in Arizona is visiting with his brother in CA, he took his roommate who is from France with him. I'm so glad my boys are spending time together since they probably won't see each other again till after Chris is done with college. I sure do miss my big boys. My oldest in CA lives with his girlfriend and she decided to stay with friends so the guys could have the apartment to themselves. I think that was very thoughtful.

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