Saturday, October 21, 2006

Quilted Block

This is how I'm quilting the Star quilt. I am quilting 1/2 inch away from every seam. Some of you are probably wondering why I am quilting such a small space in the small triangles, and the reason is that's just how it came out when I was measuring 1/2 inch from the seams. I know it looks a little weird especially to a quilter but that's just the way it is. I was thinking about quilting around every star but if I did that there is no way I can be finished by Christmas and besides I think it looks OK. The reason I went with the 1/2 inch instead of the 1/4 is that not all the seams go in the same direction and I didn't want to have trouble quilting through those bumpy seams. I am on my fourth row right now so I have six more to go. I think I'll be done for Christmas. The job is going well, I am actually gaining strength in my arms. HA! Thursday we served Pizza, Sloppy Joes and Steak Fingers. Well, when I was getting ready to serve I asked where the buns for the Joes were and the 25 year old, assistant manager in training, freaked out screaming, "The buns, where are the freakin buns, oh my gosh, we have no freakin buns, oh man, I'm dead meat!" She had to call the manager who was at another school to bring some buns, so the manager drives back like a lunatic to deliver the buns. I tell you it gets hectic in that cafeteria. What can you do when the delivery truck doesn't deliver the buns. Friday, this crazy girl fell over the big box of styrofoam trays in front of all the kids. One kid told her, "There, that's what you get." It took everything in me not to laugh. Another thing, every time a teacher places an order for tuna salad I have open up a big can of tuna, which makes a lot of tuna. Well, yesterday, the teacher who ordered it decided she didn't want to eat at school and didn't even pick it up. Augh!!!!!!

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